The Tough Fact about Decision Making

 Making Decisions Amass the Clutter

Decision Making in our social media playground has proven to be very noisy.  Social Media to say the least  has been a revolutionary phenomenon!  So much information, so much chatter–how could you ever say “I didn’t know” when you can now :Google” it for Pete sake!

Well, nothing has proved that more than just reading through some social media blogs and posts. Everyone has an opinion about something and hardly ever are any two opinions the same!

Well as my mother use to say–just because it’s in a book, doesn’t mean it’s true holds the same for social media.  Just because it’s on the internet does not make it true.

So right off one key factor in good decision making is making sure the information you receive is credible.  I don’t think there could be anything worse than making a decision based on lies–Yikes! Continue reading

Roadmap to engaging digitally via Social Media

Are you social?
Social Media is your friend

What  is the fastest  way to get your message noticed ?  Your answer might and should be “via social meida. Social media is an immediate method to reaching your target audience in a flash!


There are various digital marketing channels available but with social media scaling as a top digital engagement vehicle, having a social presence is key.  A crucial element to social media is having something that someone can look at, listen to or …drum roll… READ!  Writing therefore becomes critical for your brand to digitally engage your customers and potential customers;  Continue reading

Deciding on your blogging style!

What’s your blog style

Have you ever noticed that if your think of a person, place or thing, a certain image or feeling seems to be associated with them.  It’s almost like their imprint in your mind.  Think about it, the businessman on Wall Street – pin striped and tailored, Paris – sophistication and panache, or a Bentley– luxury and opulence .  True isn’t it?

Continue reading

What Can LinkedIn Ads Do For Your Business?

LinkedIn for Business
Leveraging LinkedIn

Imagine reaching over 175 million people, globally, with your business ads!  What would you advertise?  Who would you want to reach?  How would you measure the success of your ads? LinkedIn, the largest professional network on the internet, offers Ads that are supposed to reach prospected targets with measurable results.  With the ability to directly put your message in front of key decision makers or influencers (5.5 million – High Tech Managers; 2 million – C-Level Executives – all LinkedIn members), the opportunities are immense.  It’s an efficient way to utilize advertising dollars while targeting the right audience. Continue reading